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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1)   Majority of the ICS professors are fun and relatable, their good teachers with a lot of applicable knowledge.

2)   The positive emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.

3)   Having like-minded classmates with the same interests makes for a good learning environment.

1. The ability to connect with other, like-minded individuals.

2. Information and opportunities are easily discovered and accessible.

3. Various topics of interest that can be taken at the higher level

The ICS program is still developing, but there have been many improvements over my years at UH.

1) The addition of a security focus program. I had decided on going into security shortly after starting my college career, and am thankful for the addition of this program.

2) ICSpace, especially the way it is setup. The main other study areas, Hamilton and Sinclair libraries, have some restrictions, or faults (i.e. no food in Hamilton).

3) The amount of opportunity that Gerald pushes out to us by forwarding job and intern postings, and so forth.

1. One of the things I like most about the ICS department is that it provides a space just for ICS students to hang out, collaborate on school work, or study. It's a great learning environment and a good way for ICS underclassmen to get to know other people in their class and to get to talk to upperclassmen for advice and tips.

2. In my year of being in the program, I've been exposed to a lot of ways to get connected with other people in the ICS department and tech community. Places like TechHui and Slack are useful for staying on top of important events and dates within the UH ICS community and tech community in Hawaii in general.

3. Even though at times I feel like the program is a bit too rigorous, I like that being a CS major challenges me everyday. Everyday I come to class, I learn something new and useful that I can see the application to the 'real world'. It's a rewarding experience.

1) There is a lot of hands-on coding experiences you can gain from taking ICS courses.  

2) The program helps students develop their professional portfolio which would be beneficial for their careers.

3) The courses have a lot of emphasis on teamwork which allows people to connect to each other quite easily.

1) They encourage collaboration with other students which I feel is a great way to learn.

2) It helps to prepare you after graduation by helping you create your professional persona and giving you most of the skills you will need outside of school.

3) Software tools are easier to access. Access to software tools means we can use better coding tools which is always a plus. 

1. A focus on subjects besides coding like team work, project management, and networking.

2. Letting us know about opportunities available for us in our field. 

3. While the work is hard, it feels good to do well on projects that I've spent time on.

1.) The ICS department is good at providing career opportunities for students.  Its great to know that there are many opportunities for us to find jobs through internships and by contacting faculty members of the ICS department.

2.) The professors in the ICS department are great.  Their care for their students is shown in their class structure as they constantly refine the course to make it easy for students to learn and provide help for students to succeed in their class.

3.) Besides the content learned in class, the courses we take in the ICS department also teaches us good work ethic and habits that we can apply to other situations in life.

1. It's a rewarding program. Despite how challenging it can get, I feel accomplished after taking an ICS course. 

2. You learn skills that are used outside of school. Throughout my college experience, I've taken quite a few classes where I forget everything I learned right after passing the class. Classes in the ICS program teach you skills such as networking and various programming languages that you need to retain in order to succeed in the field. 

3. You create friendships and bonds with people who share the same interests. People I've met through the ICS program have always been helpful and welcoming. 

1)  Seeing the end result of a long project is the best feeling ever.  The program provides students with chances at complicated projects and when it's over the rush of relief is great.

2)  Learning to be humble, because in this field there's always someone you can learn from.

3)  Understanding how to overcome failure and/or deal with it in a positive way.  Nothing ever goes perfectly on the first try and reigning in frustration is a big part of this program.

1. Having a dedicated study area.

2. Students have access to free software as well as advanced computer hardware in some labs.

3. Classes often incorporate group projects where it is necessary to collaborate.

1) Not sure if it's specific to ICS, but the website is very helpful in setting goals and achieving milestones. One feature request would be to integrate the calendar schedule from that website into Google calendars or iCal, that way students can have a centralized area to check for tasks from other classes as well.

2) Having small classrooms for classes that need more "personal" time, like ICS 311 or ICS 212. They allow for more time to interface between student and professor/TA.

3) The ICS program successfully ties classes together in a logical order. For instance, a prerequisite for ICS 321 is ICS 141, because you need to know programmatic logic if you want to query a database.



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