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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Enthusiastic Professors: As a Computer Engineering student, ICS 314 is my first ICS class. Since the first day of class, Professor Johnson is engaging and has a lively attitude towards teaching.

2. Learning different programming languages.

3. Being able to work in groups for projects and other assignments allows us to build ours skills to collaborate with our fellow engineers and create a network among our peers.

I am a Computer Engineer and ICS 314 is my first ICS class. Three good things about being ICS/CE:

  • Learning different languages and coding styles.
  • (As CE) Working in larger, semester-long projects.
  • Gaining the skills to improve ourselves as Software Engineers.

1. A study area that is open at all times for students to collaborate and study.

2. Office Hours - Most, if not all, professors offer office hours for students to get help.  This is a great way to not only get help but further understand the material of the class.

3. Smaller lab sections - These smaller lab times are great because we have more individualized attention and we have an easier opportunity to ask questions.

1. Course variety seems to be great, there are a many more courses that are available for students to take in order to further a particular interest. 

2. ICS 314 is my first ICS course, however it feels a lot more interactive than my courses in Computer Engineering. The professors are a lot more engaging and spend time to interact with students and answer questions. 

3. Smaller class sizes - I noticed that class sizes are significantly smaller in ICS, which may attribute to what I wrote for my second response. 

1.Dedicated space for ICS students

2.Professors working in the industry

3.Microsoft software available for free

1. Experiencing the diversity of people engaging in this rumored challenging field. 

2. Redefining fundamental logic between human and computer understanding. 

3. Support system provided by the department through counseling, ics space, scholarship opportunity and career information. 

1. Knowledgable and passionate professors and instructors

2. Relevant curriculum- many courses with practical application such as in 314

3. Attracting good students, whom become good resources for other students such as myself 

1) Students can learn more than coding with ICS courses such as collaboration, communication, and writing skill.

2) Different ICS courses introduce different software. Students can have chances to learn some software that they have not seen.

3) Students have opportunities to start preparing for the career path in the ICS courses. In ICS 314 students can get to learn about creating a professional portfolio in the network and writing professional essays. 

Hi Scheller, how did you get free access to microsoft free software? I know we could do that but not sure how, would you mind giving me some guidance on that?

Scheller said:

1. Access to Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance for free software.

2. Online classes makes it easy to fit my work schedule into my school schedule.

3. UH is in Hawaii - the best place in the world!!!!!!!! When I'm stuck on a task or stressed out, I can just go outside and relax in our tropical paradise ;)

1. I'm grateful that the former ACM president created ICSpace student lounge.

2. Being able to meet and network with students from the same department.

3. Free access to Microsoft software.

1. The professors at UH are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about students learning. 

2. Having a dedicated study space for ICS students. The proximity of many of the professors' offices and the study space is very convenient. 

3. The diversity of languages learned students go through the courses. Some courses allows a student to learn a language that is best suited for the material being taught. The fact that some class time with the professor is dedicated to learning these new languages is also nice.

1. The courses provided reflect the broadness of the computer science field.

2. The courses evolve with the times and have provided me with a lot of different and useful experiences.

3. Meeting other people in the same field has been fun and informative. 



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