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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Experiencing the diversity of people engaging in this rumored challenging field. 

2. Redefining fundamental logic between human and computer understanding. 

3. Support system provided by the department through counseling, ics space, scholarship opportunity and career information. 

1. Knowledgable and passionate professors and instructors

2. Relevant curriculum- many courses with practical application such as in 314

3. Attracting good students, whom become good resources for other students such as myself 

1) Students can learn more than coding with ICS courses such as collaboration, communication, and writing skill.

2) Different ICS courses introduce different software. Students can have chances to learn some software that they have not seen.

3) Students have opportunities to start preparing for the career path in the ICS courses. In ICS 314 students can get to learn about creating a professional portfolio in the network and writing professional essays. 

1. The professors at UH are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about students learning. 

2. Having a dedicated study space for ICS students. The proximity of many of the professors' offices and the study space is very convenient. 

3. The diversity of languages learned students go through the courses. Some courses allows a student to learn a language that is best suited for the material being taught. The fact that some class time with the professor is dedicated to learning these new languages is also nice.

1. The courses provided reflect the broadness of the computer science field.

2. The courses evolve with the times and have provided me with a lot of different and useful experiences.

3. Meeting other people in the same field has been fun and informative. 

1. Dedicated workspace.

2. Challenging coursework, yet rewarding.

3. Offers free software for students.

Three good things about being an ICS student:

1. I've enjoy learning the material of my ICS classes so far even if it can be a bit difficult at times. 

2. I've overall had great experiences with my professors and they seem very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach.  Gerald Lau is also a great advisor.

3. ICS space is a convenient place to spend my downtime when I'm on campus.

1) It has professors that know their subjects really well and can help students with any questions that they have.

2) It has classes that help to build a strong foundation on the basics of coding.

3) There are different ICS pathways that you can go into if you are interested in a specific area of computer science.

1.Learn how to code

2.Learn how to make webpages.

3.Stay up to date with technology

Three good things about being a UH ICS student: 

1) The writing intensive ICS courses offer the opportunity to increase one’s professional writing ability

2) Being able to work with friends in the group projects is always fun

3) ICS websites are easy to navigate

Disclaimer: my major is computer engineering, not ICS

1. Coursework is applicable in the present industry. Good preparation for job interviews. 

2. Many resources for assistance. Also provides required software for students. 

3. Networking with other motivated students and faculty.

1) Exposure to various programming languages and methodologies

2) Provides opportunities to polish technical and soft skills in a group-oriented environment

3) Access to free software through Microsoft



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