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How not to waste the time of your followers: The funny side of tweeting

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Very funny. I just sent my dog a tweet about what he ate for dinner while attending a conference on the finer points of molecular isotopes.
Funny in many ways even though I don't necessarily agree with many on the list. Actually many tweeples enjoy reading tweets about what your eating at breakfast (as long as it's done in moderation), appreciates it when you tweet from a conference and tell them what you are learning, and tweeting about social media is acceptable too. It really depends on who your followers are. That's the fun side of Twitter, you can Tweet what you want and people will follow you if they like your tweet. If you don't like what they you are tweeting, then they unfollow. No complicated rules. Simple :)

I know ... I know .... this is supposed to be lighthearted. But can't help it; got to give my 2 cents worth of comment cause I'm a Twitterholic :)

Have fun Tweeting!
Very funny... indeed :-]) Hauoli Makahiki Hou!!!



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