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We are currently evaluating companies in Hawaii that provide fast, reliable business internet connectivity packages, ideally bundled with a high quality VoIP solution for a small business. What companies have provided you with a good experience?

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Have you heard of Alohatone? It's a service offering from Tri-Net Communications. They have a solid list of references from local companies that purchase the exact services you mentioned. I think their website is
Hi Mika

We are currently in the middle of implementing a complete VoIP solution. The vendor we choose to use is Systemmetrics a local provider. If you would like I can forward your interest and I am sure they would love to discuss what they can offer.
Hi Attila and Marcus,

Thank you for your suggestions!  I will check them out.
‪Do you know any good small business connectivity suppliers?‬

Hi Mika,
We use a product from Time Warner Telecom called VersiPak. The product combines local voice, long distance and Internet
into one solution. You canget up to 24 business lines or 48 digital trunks. We have the Flex T-24 pack which provides up to 24 business lines and we get 3MB up/down for data transfer. We don't currently have voip phones but plan to go that route in the future. I don't know how the VersiPak integrates with a voip solution but our account rep, Keiki Kobayashi, is very personable and I am sure she could answer your questions (441-8510). You can give her my name, Michael Nedbal at Makai Ocean Engineering as a point of reference.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for you post! I will check it out.

Replyʻs a bit late, but IMHO Servpac is bar none. Those who Iʻve introduced to Servpac are very happy.



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