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Posted on behalf of Rick Holasek in support of SB 2941

There is a House hearing of a Senate Bill (SB 2941) scheduled for Tuesday (3/13/12) morning at 8:30 am.

I would suggest to membership that they put in testimony with language supporting this bill.  Testimony can be submitted on-line through their website.


Appearing in person is also very good but not required. I attached some testimony from Alan Hayashi as one example on the House bill.


Some additional points I intend to make in my own testimony  include;

  • The tech industry lost most of its Federal and State support in a single year leading to several companies closing or significantly downsizing, so the R&D support has never been more critical to retain and grow high tech jobs in Hawaii. Large numbers of these highly trained and highly paid individuals have left the State and it takes years to regain that human resource capability.
  • Local tech companies provide opportunities for young tech working coming out of school who are otherwise forced to move to mainland locations to find gainful employment in tech fields.
  • Tech workers are the kind of high paying innovation jobs Hawaii should most want, both for their high wage positions and also for the type of people tech workers tend to be, entrepreneurial individuals that often start up additional companies and significantly expand the economy.  The latest Hawaii Business talks about the wealthiest people in Hawaii and 4 out of 5 of those individuals made their fortune in the technology industry.
  • Tech workers make up ~5% of the workforce in the State but produce ~15% of the revenue (ref)
  • Tech companies inspire STEM education opportunities though internships, relationships with local universities and schools, science fairs, robotic competitions, etc.  STEM education in Hawaii is weak and will become weaker still without a technology industry to provide opportunities, mentorships, teaching, etc. We need to provide work opportunities for STEM educated students to interact and go to upon completion of school.



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The hearing has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, March 15, at 9:45 AM.  Testimony can still be sent in.



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