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Social productivity SaaS company Manymoon was just acquired by Salesforce. They've made some really smart acquisitions recently. Heroku was also a good move. They have built quite an SaaS / cloud computing empire.

We've been evaluating Manymoon for use internally. So far it seems like a good suite of apps. We really like the Google Apps integration.

Salesforce is in an interesting place. They now own a Google App company and an app cloud company that sits on top of Amazon EC2. The SaaS space is getting very interesting!

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Have you heard of many companies out there in the islands that are starting to embrace PaaS companies like, Inc. to develop and more importantly take their applications to market?  We've made some huge strides in not only providing a top notch platform for development but a bundle of services to help ISVs take their solutions to market and support their customers in a cost effective manner.  Here's the marketecture of ISVforce.  These services have been around since around the inception of our AppExchange Marketplace (5 years) now.

Hey Blaine - I know a number of companies, including ours, who are happy customers of a company you guys just acquired - Heroku. We tried it early last year and liked it so much we do all our new projects on Heroku aside from those that aren't on rails and those cases where the customer requires on-site hosting (which they usually regret.)



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