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Here are some libraries/frameworks I've used considerably, am using, and are thinking of using... :)


Just wondering what everyone else is looking at or have experiences with? :)

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Hey, I was about to tell you about techhui on your blog(I'm Fred B).

anyway, I've played with pygame, pygtk, and django. Hoping my web host adds Django so, I can actually use it.
Fred -

I know, I checked out your myspace link. :) I didn't even realize there was such a budding community here... I usually just jump on mailing lists and Google groups. Neato - more Python devs in Hawaii. I'm a big fan of Django - and a lot of the guys use Webfaction - so I switched over - though I have an active Dreamhost and I believe MT account as well. Webfaction has a *really* interesting virtual hosting system setup where they mask everything via ports - and they support Django. Have you noticed anything with frame skipping in PyGame... I tried out a bunch of their games and they skip like crazy on my old machine.
Has anyone tried out



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