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I'm really tired of dealing with the speed and file corruption issues with the Jurassic HFS+ filesystem. HFS is older than some of our team members. When will OS X move to ZFS for its standard FS? How about something better? Where are those cool file systems with rich metadata, attribute based storage and OODBMS functionality I've been hearing about?!

Apple has been flirting with ZFS for years but never closes the deal. Some say it was a licensing issue, but I'm not sure what exactly that would be unless they wanted to make proprietary closed source extensions. Now they are rumored to be working on their own advanced file system, but they are sure taking their sweet time :-/ Apparently they have been furiously hiring file system developers for the past year.

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Yeah, I was also sad when it was announced that Snow Leopard wouldn't have ZFS. But now with Sun gone things look worse.
ZFS is under the CDDL so there is nothing stopping Apple from using it, but you are right, Sun getting sucked up by Oracle doesn't help. Hopefully the project won't lose momentum.

If only we could get a bromance started between Ellison and Jobs :-) Ellison used to be on Apple's board.

There must be developers inside Apple screaming bloody murder. With their focus on media creators, its just insane that they are stuck with a file system so poorly suited to manipulation of large files, concurrency and data integrity.
A lot of people used to be on Apple's board.. humm.. There are a lot of good filesystems out there.. they could just pick up XFS or ext3fs. Not being a filesystem geek.. I've never quite understood the proliferation of filesystems for *nix.
ZFS is long overdue. I believe journaled HFS+ still does a lot better than NTFS. But ext-4 is currently king.



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