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Much of dotnet is going to be open source and some pretty significant tooling with Community is going to be free for non-enterprise app development.  Visual Studio is also getting into supporting Android development.  

Microsoft has been going in this direction for years, but it is neat to see things progressing at this level. I also like that they are decoupling development from Visual Studio.  Developers on Windows/Linux/OSX will be able to develop apps using any text editor like SublimeText and the command line or plug-ins.

I think it's great that Microsoft is making a big push to capture or recapture developer interest.

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A bit of cognitive dissonance with the VS2015 installer:

Happily, the top-level menus are no longer ALL UPPER CASE.

@Kevin Wow. That is...surreal.
Programming Android with C# is appealing. Xamarin offers a platform for programming Android, iOS and OS X with C#.



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