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Lunch or dinner meetup at FlatBread in Paia? Wednesday 8 September

Hi Folks, Any interest in a lunch or dinner meetup at Flatbread?  How does next Wednesday look on your calendars?   If dinner works best can we do a little on the early side?  5:30pm?  

I haven't had a chance to meet any of you all in person, would be nice to do so.


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Good of you to inquire, we have dinner already scheduled for September 7, Tuesday @ 6pm.
Wowza, not sure how I missed this but thanks.
Yeah, I missed this one too. Looked through my e-mail for a message on it, but didn't find one.
Any new lunch/dinner plans for Maui Techies group...?
Yes - I'll try to post later tonight or tomorrow.
Not, sure how I missed the Sept meeting either but will do my best to come to the 11/9 GTUG.

I turned off messaging because it was constantly littering my email, I'll try to check back in here more often.
Thanks! Unfortunately, not sure if I'll be able to make it; might be on Oahu--but I'll be there if I can... and if not, will keep trying for future gatherings... Aloha, -pt
The next dinner will be November 9 6pm at FlatBread. to RSVP.
Dinner Thursday 12/2 @ 6pm

If you've got something you'd like to talk about, let me know. We'll try to be a bit more time conscious from here on out.

Dinner Monday 1/10/11 6pm  @ flatbread, Paia



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