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I think that it might be useful to reserve a short amount of time for tips and tricks presentations during each meeting.  I think that we have all encountered a situation where we want linux to do something really simple, but just cant figure out how to.  We then have to look through hundreds of forum posts just to get the simple answer we wanted.  I figure, we can save everyone the trouble, and share such discoveries at the meeting.  


In the interests of time, those who wish to share should bring only 1 or 2 of the most useful tricks they learned in the two months since the last meeting.  These tips and tricks should be simple, taking only a few minutes to explain.  An example might be: how you learned to make Linux play nicely with a laptop that regularly moves between different monitor configurations. I also think it might be a good idea to have ideas follow a simple template (open to discussion):



Problem: I wanted to boot into a different kernel on Ubuntu because the graphics driver would not display the GUI or any of the consoles.  New versions of Ubuntu hide the kernel list on boot be default. It seems ridiculous to have to boot from a live CD and edit GRUB to get this working once.

Context: Ubuntu 10.04+ (Note the package that a tip refers to here as well)

Solution: hold SHIFT on boot after POST (not all solutions have to be this simple)


I also would like to somehow find a way for everyone to take home a copy of the tips and tricks presented at the meeting.


Let me know what you think,



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Good idea! I like it. Besides the larger presentations, users can also exchange ideas about how to get certain things done on Linux, kind of like the UN-conference we'd planned at the last meeting.




Sounds great... and I can definitely do the bit on moving a laptop between monitor configurations (at least as far as NVIDIA driver is involved).



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