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Google announced support for Java on their Google App Engine.

Since this is a Java virtual machine running bytecode, afaik, this means I could actually write stuff in JRuby, etc., as well... There's already apparently an Eclipse plugin supporting Java for the GAE, and I hear that plugin lets you do Google Web Toolkit and App Engine development/deployment/debugging. Very interesting!

I have been playing with GAE using Python and the Django-based App Engine Patch, but it's good to know that I can now leverage Java and JVM as well.

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I was also excited to see that it supports JPA with real transactions! There are some limitations, but this is a big improvement over, for example, Amazon's SimpleDB... at least in terms of the API.
This also means that Ruby (well, Rack-based) applications can soon be deployed on GAE, too, with the help of JRuby.

Ola Bini and Charles Nutter are working hard at putting instructions together, should be available any day now.



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