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Anyone here run your own online business? Got a website that makes money? Let's hear about your success or failure.

I personally have a few websites, some Hawaii based, some not, the Hawaii ones do the best, maybe because I am passionate about my content.

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My friend Ken from Waialua has told me about you and your Pizza therapy!!! and ive been to his house for some therapy, yum...
I'm the CEO of the Internet Marketing Association of Hawaii and the host of the Recognized Expert Marketing Show on Maui. My son Josh and I have a few websites where we earn money with affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and we sell a few products of our own.

We've also created some really cool Internet Marketing videos that we make available for free to show people how to drive traffic to their site through Article Marketing, Blogging, SEO and Video Marketing.

I'm glad to be associated with TechHui
There are so many ways to make money online it's a bit ridiculous. For tech professionals it should be easy (with a bit of trial and error) to develop quality passive income. I think the hottest way right now is through CPA offers and affiliate programs, using trend data to drive qualified traffic. It's kind of the day trading method of making money online, but with the right affiliate programs the sky is the limit. My very first experience with affiliate marketing earned my $65 for about 10 minutes of work, and I was just following some online tutorials. That said, I'd encourage you to check out Superb's affiliate program, I'm helping to design in it a way that we can help publishers earn large residual incomes (residual option to be launched in app. 1 month). If you just have a lot of traffic you'd like to monetize definitely check out CJ and ShareASale. If you have a product you're trying to sell, you may want to consider using these networks more than PPC (lower risk).



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