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Recently came across this site,
which has an impressive collection of browser-based online games. 

Could it ever be that gaming slowly becomes a browser-based online experience?

On a web development note, it also looks like the site has been built with GWT, which is Google's toolkit for building rich internet applications.

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You mean it hasn't started already? There are literally hundreds of sites with browser based arcade games. There are also MMORPG's that are browser based. Unfortunately, they're not very good. You probably mean browser games will soon be as advanced as PC and console games. I think most people are just waiting for the game engines...

This is really cool. This reminds me of the html5 canvas game that demonstrates how far we've come.
I think most people are just waiting for the game engines...
well, for now, yes, but looking at the progress of Google Chrome OS, HTML 5, and Google's O3D API, it could be possible that browser-based games will keep getting more advanced.. another problem is the download size/network. Surely we are still pretty far away from browser-based game console, but it looks like its moving in that direction.. Would be very cool not having to deal with CDs, installs, game consoles, etc.. just login, pick your game and enjoy.
Here is another interesting link, project called chrome experiments.. has some interesting demos, given it's all in JavaScript.

Here are some notable ones:

and an O3D demo video (which, by the looks of it, has a lot of potential)



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