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I've found some free stuff online and would like to share. Enjoy!


It's a national organization with local chapters to give away or request items people don't need any more (like old tv's, bed frames, dirt and so on). If you have extra junk laying around, it's better to post it on here to see if someone can use it before throwing it away.


MS is giving out 25GB of free online storage. It's called Skydrive and it's free. Great way to backup those files you've been hoping will be there after the next power outage.


I've yet to get a beta code.. but these guys are supposably giving out free .mp domain names. They're local so they're worth a mention.


Free domain name, free hosting, the works. They even have a pretty wysiwyg editor for the pages you create. Can't beat it really.


Google apps. I think that everyone already knows about this one. The domain branded email is pretty useful as well as analytics.


Newsletter website. It's a great way to keep in touch with your clients and the last time I checked, the first 50 were free.


DNS filtering for workstations. Used by nonprofits and small businesses alike. Great for protecting windows machines and keeping your kids from going to inappropriate web sites.


Great remote access tool. Lets you access your machine with a pretty web interface. Great replacement for rdp, vnc, gotomypc or pcanywhere.

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Just thought I would remind everyone of the free wi-fi available at all Starbuck's across the island. All you need to do is register a gift card you've used within the past 30 days. I get about 1.5mb down / 1mb up speed. Not bad!



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