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Hopefully, everyone got in...

Basically, you can run your Django application with a wee modification...

Interesting how they decided to go with Python... (no complaints here). :) I'll probably be porting a bunch of applications over in the next few weeks if anyone has any questions.

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I agree with Prof Johnson's general position. However, there seems to be an open tactical question of when do you make the switch and for what type of applications. To the extent that massive scalability is key to your application and your team already has deep experience in erlang, moving early makes sense. But most of us don't meet those two criteria and if you move too soon, you risk doing more damage to your project/business than good. That being said, I certainly agree that it warrants close monitoring.
I hope Microsoft jumps in the game and does something to answer Google and Amazon's web services. Did anyone else get in? I got in but, I still haven't found time to look at the documentation. I'll try to whip something up when I'm done with my papers. Ryan, are you working on anything specific?

Nope... have any interesting ideas in mind? :) I have a few projects that I wanted to port over but for various reasons (no access to Cron, etc) - I probably will just throw something together this weekend unless you wanna collab on something. I've always wanted to use extjs for...
no idea! I was thinking of doing something minor with a really simple design. I was thinking a media application(movies, games, tv shows.. etc) where users would post up any type of media and review/talk about it. I know it's been implemented a thousand times but, I just wanted to do something small just to get a feel for Google's architecture and perhaps spark the interest of the general public.
I finally decided to take a shot at Google App Engine yesterday and have posted some information about this on my blog today. As I mentioned in the posting, I have almost no experience with any of the technologies involved, but I need to learn some new stuff because I've been working almost exclusively in C# since 2001. If anyone in the group is at my level of experience in Python or Django and wanting to learn more then maybe this example could be helpful.



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