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What are your recommendations for good long distance etiquette? Is it different depending on who you're interacting with? Communicating over the wires is pretty artificial. Even the best persistence video conferences skew your field of vision. Lesser technologies create a through-the-looking-glass experience. So it's important to exercise good communications etiquette to make long distance meetings effective, enjoyable;e, and as short as they need to be. 

Steve McMahon posted this wonderful YouTube clip: 

Although a lot of the things that it depicts has to do with limits of teleconferencing technology, there are also a lot of human behavioral issues. My favorite is, at the end of the clip, when the moderator looks down the length of the table and asks, "Dave, you been here the whole time?" (The silent participant is my personal pet peeve.) What's yours? 

I don't know of any Gloria Vanderbilt Guide to Distributed Long Distance Meetings. Maybe we can put one together through our suggestions. 

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I think that on of my biggest pet peeves is when I get a screen share notification from someone without any sort of up-front information about the reason.  Screen sharing is a very effective way to get the details of a problem across to someone who can help you with it.  But I would prefer if the requestor would send a message similar to: "I am experiencing X problem.  Is this a convenient time for me to show you via a screen share?" before actually initiating the screen share.



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