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I Just made a post in the Tech Jobs section.  I'm looking for somebody to help me get started in programming microcontrollers with C. I live/work in Honolulu and would be looking for help on one or two evenings during the week or anytime during the weekend.


We can discuss a cash compensation or a skills trade if you are interested in learning to sail (I've taught professionally for many years on dinghies and keelboats).





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Since I live in Lahaina I'm not the guy you're looking for to give you evening classes, but I would be happy to give advice and answer questions on C if you would find that helpful. You might want to mention the platform and OS you want to use. I've been using C professionally for about 20 years, but mostly on Unix/Linux platforms. Windows device drivers would be a whole different thing. :-)
Hi Mike,
I have done device drivers for both Windows and Unix, however it has been awhile working in that environment. I started programming C in 1980 and have done lots of embedded code, system code, and applications.

I can dedicate one night a week and I am not looking for any compensation other than perhaps a job lead.

I have been looking for full-time work for the past year and have been only getting small, part-time projects.
I have many years of C and C++ in small devices (POS terminals) but just a little micro-controller programming experience. I'm in Mililani but my weekdays are a little busy. I could probably do an occasional evening and/or a couple of weekend hours.

And like John, I'm happy to provide any advice or answer specific questions.



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