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Work for a (full stack) Sr. Web Developer with 12+ years of experience

Is it really that hard to get a job in Hawaii?  I'm not having much luck out here and I was even asked why I was applying for a mid-level job when I was a Sr. Developer.

The obvious answer would have been, because I need work. However, I simply stated that there wasn't a lot of jobs out here and I was hoping to land one so I could stay here...and then hopefully move up the ladder eventually.  Of course, I didn't make their list of in-person interviewees.

Is this because I have too much experience?  I've been in IT for almost 20 years and I've been programming since 2001.  I do full-stack development and can work on the LAMP stack, but I prefer to work with the Microsoft Web Stack.

  • I've got 12+ years of MS SQL, .Net, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, and even graphic design using Photoshop.
  • I was writing Native Javascript before JQuery even came out
  • I was once a Sr. Front End Developer and team lead at several companies
  • I am now a Sr. Web Developer with tons of SQL, two years of extensive LINQ and Entity Framework
  • I've done some KnockoutJS, some AngularJS, and still write tons of JavaScript
  • I still do awesome CSS and HTML
  • I love what I do
  • I've got an online portfolio, a blog, and stellar references

Why is it so hard to get a job here in this tech industry?  You would think that any company would be more than happy to hire someone who is willing to take a pay cut, and bring real-world experience from Seattle (of all places) to a company.

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Good gigs or jobs are hard to come by in Hawaii; and thus if you give the impression that you're a skilled Hired Gun -vs- permanent (obedient) full-time employee, your resume will be passed over. (Colleagues on here may hate me for saying it, but that's the truth I've observed as an Independent Coder in Hawaii)

If your C# is solid, and you're OK with creating WebServices (WSDL), drop me an email (rubyjedi at with your salary requirements and resume -- I can pass it along to a few clients looking for talent in that area, whereas I'm more of a Ruby/Angular2/TypeScript guy -vs- a .NET power coder.  I'd hate to see great talent leave the islands.

Thanks Laurence!  I was kind of getting the picture of that after how CyberCoders treated me; and also after the comment that the recruiter made on the phone about my resume and how the client would view that.

I'll shoot you an email later tonight at your gmail address.


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