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I am working on a website for a non-profit group.   The current website is mostly static html & css, but we do have a php form (validates and stores data in small db and generates email notifications).

Some folks in the group have suggested we move to   But I don't see how I can add my php form on  I understand how I could integrate the php form if I was running wordpress on my own server.  But it seems that doesn't offer this level of control.

Can I do this from  

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Hi Barbara,

Wordpress is very capable of everything mentioned. 

As for the forms, check out GravityForms as a paid solution or any of the open-source plugins available.

Most of these can be configured very easily to meet your requirements.


Oops, I Just noticed you mentioned WordPress.COM instead of WordPress.ORG.  The plugins listed above will not work with .COM, nor will you be able to include custom PHP scripts there.

If you have your own host (like HostMonster, HostGator, etc.) you can install the self-hosted WordPress package from WordPress.ORG and use the plugins mentioned.  The .COM or hosted version may not be able to accomplish what you're looking to do.


This is what I thought - but I just wanted to make sure that wasn't hiding the plugin setup somewhere (or had an alternative approach).

For another web site, I have WordPress installed on the server and I see how to configure plugins (and do forms, etc.).  But these non-profit guys want to save some money and thought they could just forget a web hosting service and just use

For 'ultra-simple' sites, take a look at  They do not allow custom scripts, but they do have built in support for many of the things you mentioned.  It is a free service that has a very reasonably priced paid version available.  Worth looking into if nothing else.  You can use your own domain name there as well, just like and

Best of luck with your project!





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