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Aloha Friends, 

My friend Trevor Loy has asked me to help locate a few for profit or nonprofit entrepreneurs working on environmental topics/issues who would be willing to have a phone interview with his wife Alice for her PhD research. I have included the full correspondence below and hope a few of you will be interested in contacting Alice directly. Trevor runs Flywheel Ventures, a VC firm with offices in Santa Fe and San Francisco.





Hope you're well.  Please see the note below from my wife Alice, who is looking to interview for-profit or non-profit entrepreneurs in the environmental field as part of her PhD dissertation.  Any introductions you could make for her to any such entrepreneurs you may know would be greatly appreciated!





I hope this note finds you well. I am emailing to ask for your assistance as I work to complete my doctoral thesis with the University of New Mexico.  My research includes conducting interviews with social entrepreneurs building organizations, firms, or businesses in the environmental field.  My core research question is: “How do entrepreneurs think about and use social networks to do their work and achieve success for their start-up organization?”

I only need 14 more interviews!  You can help.

To complete my research I am asking for your assistance in connecting me to entrepreneurs who may be willing to do a phone interview with me.  All data and findings will be anonymous and the University of New Mexico has approved this project’s methods.  The telephone calls will be recorded and transcribed so that I can go over the conversation after the call and gain a better understanding.

To fit my research criteria, I am seeking entrepreneurs who:

* founded their firm or organization less than 7 years ago

* working in the environment or conservation fields

* are not-for-profit or for-profit but are mission-driven and 

* live and work primarily in the USA or Canada

* would likely feel comfortable talking to a researcher about their social networks, building partnerships, creating ties with others, and so forth.

If you can help me by sending me suggestions for entrepreneurs I can contact, please email me at

Thank you, Alice  

Alice Loy

341 E. Alameda St

Santa Fe, NM 87501

Doctoral Candidate

Department of Communication and Journalism

University of New Mexico


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I Have a friend that is starting a company that helps farmers market vendors to distribute their product more efficiently using the internet, but it hasnt gotten off the ground so I dont think he would be an ideal candidate for that study.

Ill pass this to my friend though just in case.

Thank you! I think we may be last the date but you never know. In my experience many researchers are happy to continue collecting data even after specific milestones have passed.

Hi Rox. There are a lot of nonprofits in Hawaii that meet that criteria (Malama MaunaluaKanu Hawaii, etc.) If your friend came up to the Manoa Innovation Center she could interview numerous companies working in energy conservation and alternative fuels all in one building.

Thanks Mika!  She works from Santa Fe and Palo Alto though...

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