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Senior Network Engineer / Product Manager & Data Analyst Couple - looking for a fun place to work

I have 15 years in the IT business. I started working in IT with the Military in 1994 when AOL, CompuServe and Prodigy were around (brings back memories doesn't it?). I left the Military to work as a Novell consultant for John Deere, went on to work for an ISP for a couple of years, went back to John Deere to implement non-standard technology (like wireless networking and email servers in 2001), then moved up the ranks to middle-management. Got bored with shuffling papers so I moved to a Software Development company to start a Infrastructure group and after 2 years decided to move to Hawaii (wife was born here).

My wife has extensive experience with SAS (Statistical Analysis Software), SQL (Structured Query Language), BusinessObjects, Xcelsius, and Microsoft Access. She has been working as a Data Analyst for 5 years with John Deere as well.

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