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My company has really been growing and I have tried to bring on help, but have had a really hard time.  So I will share our story, what I am looking for and hopefully this reaches the right person.



BOSS started in 2006. Over the last 3 years as I grew I built a great team of people just like me, really versatile in many areas.  Each of us at one time operated individually and independently in our own start up business where you have to wear many hats, (sales, project management, accounting, design, developing, branding, PR, marketing, basically everything) started building websites for free for friends, moved on to helping non profits, then small businesses, slowly worked our way up.  All of use have worked for big companies and then had our own business, so we are out of the mind set of just working to get the check vs truly caring for the work as your own and feeling personal pride and responsibility, without having someone to push you are hold your hand. 


We have all been involved in the realm of web geekdom from day one so we didn't just jump on the bandwagon of web design and social media etc.  We  have a system down to a science and have been able to produce some great work for our clients, all from our own home offices as a virtual agency which allows us to keep our overhead down. We have an awesome project management system for the team and the clients that allows us all to stay on track and organized virtually.  We don't screw people or hold proprietary secrets, we educate and support and go out of our way for clients which is the key to our current success.


My dilemma is that the business has now outgrown the team, we have more work then we can handle now and it keeps coming in.  I tried just referring to others, but found out later the company either screwed them over  so I don't refer anymore.


You think it would be as easy as just hiring help but I have already tried that several times, and ended up with people who either don't really have the skills they claimed they did, produced incomplete work or need too much management or hand holding so we ended up having to finish or redo the work anyway.   


I think there are people with potential but most of them have never had their own business or even worked as part of a team and need too much management.  Or they start of strong and get bored or shut down half way through a project.  With all the people hungry for work, I just think its weird that I have to bring someone coffee and noon to get them out of bed and started on a project.  I also can't understand the people who are doing this half ass work or have an excuse daily and then giving me work that I cant use or have to redo or finish.  I have also tried project managers but found they don't really have enough experience to be of help and it was a waste of money.  


OH and I reached out to another company who were slow, figuring I could contract out to them our overflow work.  One just didn't produce the level of work we do (and wanted more money than we even ask for) then there was one who actually tried to steal our clients! 


SO here is what we need help with and what we want IDEALLY.


ROCKMYWP Wordpress Theme and Plugin Development:

We have created our own plugins and and a few themes for wordpress and plan to launch them at the end of this year.  We have a plan for about 40 themes total but have only finished 4.  As Wordpress people from day one, we know what is lacking.  I want someone who is interested in joining this venture, maybe who has their own theme they want to contribute, help design some of the ones we have in conception, be part of the support team and take shifts on the forum, answer tickets, provide customization and other add on services.  Everyone makes a percentage based on what they contributed as far as the themes and plugins and the rest is a set hourly and project rate for customization work, and support.



For day to day BOSS clients I need a Designer who can design wordpress themes in Photoshop and skin them.  I have a lot of trouble finding someone who can do both, and if I do, they aren't strong designers.  I need a STRONG designer, with great attention to detail.



We don't manage peoples sites, we build CMS and train clients to be independent as far as content etc but we do have people who do want full management from time to time so I would like someone who can take that on.  I also need someone who can do WP updates monthly, traffic reports, social media stuff.  Basically the stuff clients don't have time to do, routine stuff, like admin work. Sometimes I need help just to  organize and scan documents, prepare project management binders and proposals etc.


+ MUST BE Hard Working, self motivated and organized

+Must be able to learn and work in our existing project management system, accurately and honestly track time and projects and submit invoices

MUST MEET DEADLINES.  This is the most important thing of all!


We have consistent work, and there is potential to be part of projects on a partner level.  If you just want to work and can be consistent and reliable fine, I can keep you as busy as you want.  If you want to be more involved and team up and some of our projects, even better.  We are all fun to work with and are creative and enjoy coming up with new ideas.   Ideally I want a couple of more people to add to the team on a regular basis that will grow with us.  But any help I can get now would be appreciated! 


Let me know if this speaks to anyone, thanks for letting me rant!


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Hi Daniela - We've found that KCC's New Media Arts program graduates good, work-ready interactive designers largely because the instructors come from industry. You can dip your toe in the water with their internship program and, if you find an outstanding individual, bring them on full time. As with any new designer you will need to provide some mentoring, but they will already have the fundamentals (graphic design, UX design, type design, HTML, CSS, proficiency with Adobe design tools, etc.) Last year I believe only one in four applicants to the NMA program was accepted, so they are already doing some screening for you.

I can certainly empathize with your situation. Finding good people is always hard. Good luck with your search!

Hi Daniela, we may be able to offer some help in the website management and social side.  Also, I'd like to explore whether there's an opportunity to extend your development work and connect into messaging platforms like ExactTarget.  We provide design and adoption of automated marketing services to companies and ExactTarget is just one of the products we use to do this.  Would love to have a chat...

I absolutely empathize as we went through the same growing pains with my firm: both outgrowing the initial core group and   finding the next group of quality people.

While I lack a local contact, I can provide the name of the person who provided my firm those services for five years as a stop gap if you would like.


Good luck!

@Ian Thanks for your reply, would love to hear what you do.  As far as social media management and email marketing, We created and use Rock Me social Media Manager which we are just now rolling out and have many users that seem really happy with it.  Its something that combines social media management,  email marketing, brand management, and much more but affordably.  I found that everything out there didn't have all in one solutions and if they did they were really expensive.  Or we had to maintain a separate email marketing solution.  Rock ME allowed us to get rid of 4 programs and its perfect for people who manage clients campaigns. With one click, I can send a message to social media accounts and email marketing contacts and then track and run reports on that message.  I also have scheduled messaging, so I can schedule messages to post on facebook and twitter, mostly we do this for clients birthdays etc. To be honest its not being used to its full advantage yet mainly because it is its own beast that I inititally started for my own needs and I was planning at some point to market it more,  I think it can be incredibly useful for small to mid size businesses that can't afford some of the other things out there and not to mention the companies that are selling email and social media campaign services which is what its really great for.  At any rate its on the back burner for now, we have about 100 clients using it now as well as manage a few campaigns for clients ourselves but that is about as much as I can handle at the moment! Again, always looking for new connections and opportunities, the landscape is changing so much, I think we are all struggling to keep up with it.

Yes that is exactly where I am at.  Business grew past what I could handle and I wasn't prepared and I am still struggling with "taking it to the next level" which includes restructure of our services, costs and team that is qualified to deliver.


I would love that persons information can you send me the info? You can email it to me too at   



Jason Hoffman said:

I absolutely empathize as we went through the same growing pains with my firm: both outgrowing the initial core group and   finding the next group of quality people.

While I lack a local contact, I can provide the name of the person who provided my firm those services for five years as a stop gap if you would like.


Good luck!

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