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Apologies if this is the wrong forum or area to post in.. I'm still new to TechHui. I'm looking for someone highly experienced in PHP and mySQL that would be willing to develop five or six pages worth of code. All the ideas are lined up and I've been trying to do it myself, but I'm more of a designer then programmer. Willing to pay if needed

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Hi Merlin,
Nice to see you on here. Maybe you could try to describe what you are trying to do on those pages.
An existing url would be great to.

Shoot it out. :D Would love to participate. Let me know, if i could be any help.
I've got a good bit of experience with PHP and MySQL, as I'm sure most of this group does. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. <-- General teaser for the whole thing. Basically, I'm producing a customizable "badge" that can be used in many ways, from playing a game, as a business card, as a convention badge, so on. At the moment, I'm using Joomla for the system to manage the site. I need a form to collect data for the cards in order to build one, a "Directory" to display the cards, and a page to display individual cards in. A backend would also help in order to approve and deny cards and pictures uploaded. PHP is preferable though it could also be done in Flash/Actionscript (at least, the collection form). I think it's fairly simple.. but.. I'm just not any good as a programmer :)



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