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We are looking for a dedicated Java Developer to develop cutting-edge e-commerce applications using the state-of-the-art web application development frameworks. The right candidate will be a part of a great technical team in an excellent work atmosphere.

•    Design the business components for the application using Agile methodologies.
•    Implement key business modules in Java using the Spring application framework.
•    Develop the Web layer of the application using the Spring MVC framework.
•    Object relational mapping using Hibernate.  and Spring
•    Design the database using the standard RDBMS design techniques and make sure that the database tables are in normalized form.
•    Use the Eclipse IDE for development environment and to integrate the source control tool with Eclipse Plug-in.
•    Configure the application server to connect to Oracle for data source and to do performance tuning for production level scalability.
•    Create Unit Test plans and test the components using Junit.
•    Create System integration test plans and document the test results for the integration testing.

Required Skills:
•    Undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
•    Minimum of two years hands on programming experience in Java and/or Perl.
•    Familiarity with Java Web Development Frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, etc.) and Apache/Tomcat platform.
•    Minimum 2 years of Unix experience.
•    Strong organizational and prioritization skills.
•    Self-motivated and creative.
•    Desire to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.

Desired Skills:
•    In-depth familiarity with the web-based e-commerce applications.
•    Following knowledge a plus: HTML, XML, XML related technologies (XSLT, Xpath, etc), SQL, and database design.
•    Strong grasp on web application security issues.
•    SQL query optimization, Oracle PL/SQL is a big plus.

• Work with super cool people on awesome projects
• Vacation: 1 week accrual to begin after 1st year of employment for part-time, or 2 weeks accrual to begin after 6 months of full time employment
• 401K effective immediately, with potential 50% match up to 5% of salary
• Bus pass reimbursement
• Flex Spending Accounts
• Full time employees are eligible for family medical coverage at no cost to the employee

If you are interested in a career with a company that can offer fun, rapid growth, lots of opportunity, challenging work and making a difference please respond and include your resume & a cover letter to: Please include five of your favorite web sites and one paragraph explaining why you like these sites. Doing this also shows us how well you follow extremely reasonable directions :)

For even more attention include a haiku about how your favorite activity.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are awesome, we probably want you.

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I sent my haiku/resume/coverletter in response to a similar post on another site, but never received a response. Perhaps your not using that email address anymore?
I think my haiku was about making curry. I was probably hungry at the time. ;-)
Evidently, your resume was underneath a pile of resumes boasting Java/C#/PHP/.Net for $12/hour :D

Thanks for the heads up!
Ah, well with people advertising such rates, how could one developer possibly compete. ;-)

Cuiusvis hominis est errare; nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.

Russell Castagnaro said:
Evidently, your resume was underneath a pile of resumes boasting Java/C#/PHP/.Net for $12/hour :D

Thanks for the heads up!

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