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No... for REAL !

I was at one of the homeless shelters working on a computer, opened it up and SURPRIE !

Staring up at me was a Black Widow spider. 

Yes, a Black Widow.  I doubted it at first and had to look up what an actual Black Widow looks like.  Its the same thing I have here, complete with red hourglass.   It had its nest inside the computer with about 30 dead bugs in there with it (it had been in there a while).  AND right between the memory sticks, was lodged 3 egg sacks.

So, I grabbed a mason jar and put it inside with the 3 egg sacks.  I called that pest hotline, no return call yet. I left it on my desk over the weekend.

Another Surprise !  When I got back tonight and looked at the jar, at least one of the egg sacks hatched.  There are about 100 baby spiders in the jar now with mom. 

Anyone want to see my Black Widow and her family  ??? 
Should I call the pest guys again ? Or do you want to post her photo to see if anyone is missing it ? Hehehehe


What is the strangest thing you have found when opening up a computer  ???

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I've found family pictures taped to the inside of the computer. Very odd!

Yes, here in Hawaii. I took photos, have to find them if i can.

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