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From an article in Friday's Advertiser:

The University of Hawaii, with a grant from Hoku Scientific Inc., is establishing a fund that will make loans to students seeking to launch their own business ventures. The $130,000 Microloan Fund will be administered by the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship at the UH's Shidler College of Business.
"These loans will provide students — Hawai'i's future entrepreneurs — with resources to launch their own business ventures... Full Article

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Follow up from Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawaiʻi's Leigh-Ann Miyasato:

Hoku Scientific and its CEO, Dustin Shindo, are longtime supporters of the Hawai`i community. The latest evidence: they have established a $130,000 microloan program for entrepreneurial students at UH. The funding came from the proceeds of warrants that were donated by Hoku to the UH Foundation and sold after Hoku’s 2005 IPO. The loans will help students follow the path blazed by Dustin and other Hawai`i entrepreneurs. Please see the Honolulu Advertiser story below for details. Hoku also donated warrants to HiBEAM and EF Hawai`i. HiBEAM used its proceeds to expand its programs to mentor and support Hawai`i tech startups. With its proceeds, EF Hawai`i has (1) established the Hoku Scientific Charitable Fund for donations to Hawai`i nonprofit organizations, (2) made a total of $25,000 in grants to the Hula Preservation Society, `Onipa`a Na Hui Kalo, and Family Promise of Hawai`i, and (3) conducted EF Hawai`i’s own programs encouraging entrepreneurs to get involved in philanthropy and community service.

Hoku’s generosity has already made a huge impact on the Hawai`i community and the ripple effects will continue in countless ways. Mahalo to Dustin and his team for their commitment to making Hawai`i a better place.
Hoku's donation to HiBEAM at the time of sale of public stock was about $1.6 Million . This has enabled HiBEAM to sponsor many entrepreurial firms and events in Hawaii. Dustin's genrousity is often forgotten but he is truely a local hero.

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