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I'm looking for a summary of Hawai'i's contribution to internet, networking and similar global technology from about the era of ALOHAnet (1970) onwards, but especially focusing on the modern era. 

My basic goal is to make the case that Hawaii is a technology/internet innovator to a primarily mainland audience.  I want to show why we're proud of being a kama'aina company.

Any help, tips, or leads would be great.


Ben Kinsey
Web Developer

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Aloha Ben. Here are some references:

ALOHAnet on Wikipedia
ALOHAnet Discussion on TechHui
IEEE Paper on ALOHAnet (requires subscription)
Kevin Hughes talking about Hawaii's first web site

As you probably know, a lot of famous internet entrepreneurs are from Hawaii or went to school in Hawaii including Steve Case, the founder of AOL and Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay.
Hi Ben, you might want to interview the UH Information & Computer Science (ICS) department chair Dr Martha Crosby (, she has been with the ICS since before ALOHAnet and have lots of great stories that should be shared.
I think the key figure in Alohanet was UH Prof. Norm Abramson. Any history of the Internet contains a reference to this valuable contribution.

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