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Google Pad: Search Giant Dreams of Chrome OS-based Tablets

Being a programmer and a general techie addict, I am not a big fan of closed platforms nor proprietary APIs. That's why something like Google Pad would be of interest to me. It's probably quite a bit of time before something like that actually arrives, but simplicity and capabilities of such a device are very intriguing..

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:) It's already been suggested on the iPad forum that Apple and Google could work out a mutual understanding between each other. After all, Apple is really good in UX/hardware design, and Google has the lead in web/online software. Together they could become a powerful ally. I really like Apple's hardware, I think it's well built. I really like Google's expanding online open-source/open-API software.

So it's an ipad with chrome, heh?
..reminds me of that old (and pretty corny :) joke, a variation of it would go: 'Do you have any Chrome in you?.. would you like some?' - which seems to be somewhat relevant in this case :)
I hope it supports flash :)
I hope it supports flash :)

Android seems to be making good headway with Flash and their general relationship with Adobe, hoping Google will keep the same attitude with their Chrome OS devices..

Here is an interesting article about blossoming Android-Adobe relationship:

Adobe gives Android devs Photoshop, takes potshot at Apple

Seems that Google and Adobe are making headway, with Flash now being integrated directly into Chrome OS (with automatic updates)

Google Fires at Apple, Integrates Flash Into Chrome Browser

Looks like Google is making progress with GPad, though it's first relative will likely be Android based. I hope they find a solid hardware vendor for this, or even possibly buy one?.. to make a smooth software-hardware integration.



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