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Expression Engine Content Editor for New Hope Windward

We received this inquiry since we are semi-active on the EE discussion boards. I promised to post it here. If you are interested, please contact Benny directly and mention that you saw the notice on Tech Hui!



I saw your post on the ExpressEngine forum. The church I attend, New Hope Windward Christian Fellowship,, is looking for someone with ExpressEngine experience to help with weekly updates and new page adds. Would you happen to know anybody on Oahu that has this expertise?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Benny Fontillas

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Hi Rox - You may want to tell Benny about TechHui member Truman Leung's Church Management System called Ascribe. It includes multilingual CMS capabilities along with a slew of church-specific functionality.

Truman will be back in Hawaii in about a month.

I thought of Truman at first! Though I am reluctant to get Nonprofits launched on "yet another web site" if they have one that is basically working for them. All I know is what I posted above, so certainly Truman can contact Benny when he returns if he wants to pursue giving them a demo.

I'll leave a link to this thread on his member page.
Hey Rox - Ah, I forgot you know Truman. I agree that if they have a substantial existing investment in their ExpressineEngine implementation it probably doesn't make sense to change platforms. Have a great weekend!
Thanks for thinking of me, guys! They had previously hired a friend of mine to design their website, but he's moving out of state. Perhaps they are thinking of moving to Expression Engine now. Not sure. But anyway, mahalo!
Hi Benny,

If you're still looking for ExpressionEngine help, let us know if we can assist. We're, an interactive agency located in NYC (without the NYC prices.)

We're part of the EE Pro Network and have done almost 30 sites on EE. Here's our portfolio:

We've also done a few sites for various churches ( + + and have really enjoyed working with everyone.


Jae /
t. 646 290 5886

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