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We are a new startup company that is creating an EHR (Electronic Health Record) for chiropractic care. We have acquired our first round of investment funding, and will be seeking our second round later this year. Most of our team is comprised of developers with deep knowledge and experience with VistA (the capitalized A is on purpose), which is the most widely used EHR in the United States, is used as the primary EHR for several countries, and is the basis for most open source EHR code in the world. However, while we have the technical abilities to do everything in our entire software stack, from HTML to Java to an RDBMS, we lack the design abilities to create interfaces that 'look' good. I firmly believe that good design is a core function of our product, so hopefully this is where you come in!

Project Requirements: Our first order of business is to have a functioning EHR with practice management, progress notes, scheduler, and billing reports. You do not need to know any of this, we will teach you the ins and outs of EHRs.

Qualifications: HTML and CSS, as well as any design tools you may require such as Photoshop or Dreamweaver. The ability to create custom icons or logos. Knowledge of healthcare is not required. Knowledge of Javascript is not required. A good eye for design is a must. Want to see an example of what I consider to be good and functional web design?

Salary: $25/hr, up to 19 hours per week depending on need and the project plan. However, our long term goal is to have a permanent web designer as our company expands and acquires more funding. As our part-time web designer, you'd be first in line.

Work Location: Most of the work will be done remotely, with a few in person meetings as needed. We prefer someone local to Oahu, but are willing to consider good candidates in other locations.

Start Date: The ending of July or the beginning of August. If there is a good candidate, these dates can be flexible.

Future Projects: Beyond our EHR, we will need someone to do the web design for our future corporate website, our customer support portal, and any other web enabled functionality that our company may have. One of our CEO's goals is to create a company that techies WANT to work at. You have the opportunity to be a part of it, and shape not only our products, but our company as we move forward.

Attributes of a Good Candidate: In general, we prefer talent over experience. We want someone who can work well as part of a team, which includes being able to compromise when needed, and stand your ground when needed. We want someone who can have an in depth technical argument about the best way to implement something, but when the work day is done we all go out and have a beer together (beer not required). These are the attributes that we look for in a potential employee.

Email me directly at Please include your resume, links to your portfolio, and any links to other sites around the web that you would like us to see, such as your blog, posts on techhui or other forums you may belong to, etc.

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Forgot to include that work can be done during off hours or weekends.
Thank you to everyone who applied for our position of web developer. We have selected a candidate, he will be a good addition to our team. As we have new positions open up, I will be sure to post them here as well, as we got many good resumes from techhui.

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