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Gotta shout with pleasure. Dan & Mika Leuck took my moribund, 14 year old Fiji Tourism website and completely regrooved it into a Web 2.0 wonder. Traffic has gone up 50% in just the last few weeks. I probably won't be able to retire off the adsense earnings anytime soon but iam having fun. Any comments welcomed...

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Oh oh a real kai Viti...I'd better watch it!

Thanks for your comments.

I'm going to have to make some corrections. Yep you're right about the Lomaiviti group as not being 'off Suva'. Don't know where that came from. I agree that except for Natadola, 'the Coral Coast has lousy beaches. The don't call it the Coral Coast for nothing.

Any other comments welcomed. Please join if you haven't already!

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