Hawaiʻi's Technology Community

Exploring how much interest there is in the Oahu tech and design community for coworking locations?

How many of you would be interested in a similar setup and pricing to this?

Which level of membership most interests you?

Where location-wise on the island would most interest you? Town, Kaimuki, Ewa, Aina Haina, Hawai Kai, Kailua, Kanoehe, Kapolei, etc


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Hi Chad,

I will be moving to Honolulu in the beginning of 2011 and would be extremely interested in something like this, as this is my preferred way of working. I have been looking for something cool like this in Honolulu so far and was even considering starting something like this myself. I don't know how big a company you are, but I might even be interested in starting such a place with you guys if needed.
Aloha Chad - There is a coworking group on TechHui. Maybe you can find some fellow designers in that crowd. You may also find the discussions in that group interesting.
Thanks Mika. I did a quick search prior but missed the existing group. Ryan is always on top of everything, should have know. :)

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