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Cloud Based Security - Web Filtering - Introducing

Introducing - Internet Filtering by DNS.

1. sign up @ (big blue button)


2. choose white list or black list only.
      - whitelist only : “If it’s not on the list then it’s not getting in.”
             - Only domains you choose will work
                 - ex: if is the only domain on the list, only will work, all others will fail.
      - blacklist only : "They're not allowed on my browser!"
             - You specify what specific domains to block
                 - ex: if is on the list, only will fail all others will work.

                 - ex; you can block full country codes as well with *.cc , *.cn or *.ru etc...


3. change DNS forwarders or DHCP options to our IPs:

Learn more @

Or just use our family friendly version : @

   - blocks only porn.

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How does this service differ from open dns that has a large user base and has been around for many years now?

Sweet...  Those bullet points need to go into the site FAQ. 

Nice service. Question - any plans to roll in anti-phishing or ways to stop other Internet attacks? Filtering is nice but part of what I love about OpenDNS is the other stuff it offers for a pretty low annual price. 

We could build in default blocks, but that would be down the road and really not in line with our vision... If anything, we would tell people to go whitelist (so nothing unless allowed, would be denied).

$1,500 / year isn't cheap for DNS filtering.

1. blocking - categories aren't always accurate, so we allow white or black list. OpenDNS would never be able to black list Hawaii Gambling houses (too small of a domain).

2. reporting - we email the admin a nightly report of all blocked and allowed domains and in the correct time zone.

3. performance - we don't use anycast, so you know exactly where your request are going vs. letting anycast decide. 

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