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Aloha Hawaii Tech,

We just went live with BEGFOR.iT we're looking for brutally honest user feedback. It's totally free right now.

Your time is very much appreciated.



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Cool concept. Found a bug with your feedback form though. Using chrome for the mac.


Hi Gus,


Thanks so much for checking it out and giving me the bug report. I was able recreated it, looks like we have an issue with depth on the modal pages.


Your time is appreciated.



Congrats guys! Its great to see a Maui web company making it happen.

Hi Daniel,


Thanks so much. The hard work has now started. A big traffic generation program starts tomorrow.


If you run into any issues while trying it out, please let me know.


BTW if any of you need testers for web or app let me know. I'm good at breaking things. : )




I just entered the Lean Startup Challange


We could really use all the votes we can get by clicking the tweet button here:


Mahalo for the help

Interesting concept! 

Some super minor/nit picky comments:

-There's either a typo in the answer to "Can I win something for free" under FAQs or it's confusing - might want to reword it.

-Why aren't Top items/categories expanded by default?  Would look cleaner if those boxes had a max size instead of a fixed size until you get more stuff.  Would also look better if the scrollbar wasn't there when it doesn't do anything.  :)

-might want fixed nav for the main pages - it was a little unclear what i should click on to get back to the main page from the FAQs


Good luck!  :)

Hi Joy,


Thanks for taking the time to send this to me.


I fixed the FAQ.


In regards to expanding the item and categories, I wanted to keep the home page as clean as possible. If you click them the will stay open. This way the user has the choice. Once we add a bunch of items it will auto load as the user scrolls down the page. The scrollbar is there because there will be hundreds of items added. Right now we just left it since it really wasn't to important to hide it until that point.


I personally hate "HOME" buttons in a UI. With the rollover I hinting that it's clickable. Once I have more user data that could change.


Thanks again for taking the time to do this. If you email me your address I'll send you some of your stickers.





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