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Totally amazing. 

Google's "Quantum Computing Playground" lets you fiddle with quantum algorithms

Google has just launched a new web-based integrated development environment (IDE) that allows users to write, run and debug software that makes use of quantum algorithms. The tool could allow computer scientists to stay ahead of the game and get acquainted with the many quirks of quantum algorithms even before the first practical quantum computer is built.

Full story here:

Quantum Computing from Google

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Very interesting. This affords us all the opportunity to be the Ada Lovelace of quantum computing :-)

Too bad it's web based. That gives Google access to the algorithms and source code of any one who is using it.  (and they don't have a very good track record on respecting others IP...)

It's an opportunity to learn about quantum programming. Where else can you do that? When you're just learning a new programming paradigm it's highy unlikely that you'll actually come up with something new.

But if you're really concerned about getting ripped off, at least make sure you put a copyright notice on each of your files.

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