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It's reported that 83% of the 75 Million Twitter accounts were inactive as of December 2009. Whether right or not, it's caused me to think about what role Twitter plays in society today. More specifically, I've been thinking about the role that Twitter plays in corporate America and how it should play in our company's overall strategy.

So I put it to the Hui, do you folks use Twitter in your corporate lives? If so how? What have you found to be beneficial in creating a meaningful dialogue with those in your corporate sphere?

I ask because my thinking is that there's not much that I dislike more than getting some random communication from a company I'm "following" whether through email, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. I think about a good 70% of the communications I receive are borderline worthless, or at the very least I feel like I've got to sift through the corporate speak in order to get to the real meat. Am I alone there?

I'm very much interested in getting news out on my company, and feel like there are some very very exciting (yes TWO verys!) things happening but it feels wrong to tweet about how our technology has reduced 90% of the hardware needed to support search, and thereby drastically reduced OpX, CapX, and empowered our customers to go after new revenues. hahaha Yes, that's a blatant plug for us but the question still stands!

How do YOU tweet about your company, and what have you found to be successful?

A hui hou ia kakou!


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The statistics seem surprising since Twitter shows up everywhere. I currently don't twitter but am interested, like you, in the experiences other companies have with Tweeting and what impact is has on bringing in new business or increasing a business' network.

Another interesting article on the future of Twitter.
I had to drop my facebook membership all together. One reason being is that it was sort of distracting to my work. Another is that it is pretty personal, as folks post all kinds of pictures, etc.. so I found myself simply getting too involved in lives of my 'friends'.. On top of that constant status updates, games, ads, etc.. Some folks also take 'friendship' way too seriously.. so I tell them: 'If you have something to share with me, just drop me a note' :)

(This attitude might change as online folks become more mature, but for now, a lot of it is sort of like kids discovering pretty little toys :)

Twitter is not bad, and very much to the point.. so far it has been helping me stay in tune with tech news/events as they come directly from the source.. which is pretty cool :)
I've given up on twitter. Too much of a distraction and not interesting. But I'm still hooked on facebook. But strictly for friends and family, no business.
I've pretty much given up my social life both virtually and physically as I'm pretty immersed in work and trying to learn some new technology, but I agree with Konstantin regarding facebook. I've thought many times that I might just want to delete my account. I've had a HUGE surge in activity this year with all of my class mates from eons ago coming on line. Some of whom appear either be unemployed or wasting their employer's time trying to 'kidnap' me or hit me with a pie, or quiz me about what sort of anti-depressant I might be in human form. And those ridiculous ads in the periphery trying to convince me that some rather eye catching young female is trying to find me online is more of an insult to my intelligence than a stroke to my ego!
So what's your opinion, what's the next popular social site? I like twitter, but to me, it's a novelty now and will probably be an effective medium for automated notifications in the future... facebook is great, but only for friends/family.
Not saying I agree with this article, but it is interesting. Google; for the megalithic presence they are, has failed in all of their attempts to capture significant market share in the social media space, but it is interesting to get glimpses of how Google is and others are trying to respond to the success of upstarts Facebook & Twitter.

I agree, Facebook is fine for friends/family, but I've not seen a practical application in the corporate space. Twitter, could be interesting, but I don't feel like most companies use it well. The interesting question to me is, how does social media factor into corporate business development and marketing.

I feel like it's important for a company to create a dialog with their consumer base and associates, but while I think that there's something to Twitter (more so than Facebook), I'm interested in learning from those who have had meaningful "conversations" with their customers or with the companies they follow, through the medium of social media.
A partner of ours has just launched a site centered around strategic social media. Interesting stuff, and I thought that the community might find it beneficial.

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