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I have read in several places that one should not wear a suit to a job interview in Hawaii. I assume that this depends on the type of job, but I was interested in what tech-oriented folks folks in Hawaii thought about it. (I will be moving to Oahu, hopefully in early June but definitely by the end of July, and I am just starting to submit applications.)

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Hi David. I recommend a tasteful aloha shirt with a belt, slacks and a nice pair of shoes.

When I first moved to the islands I wore a suit to an interview and was teased by coworkers for months :-)
Check with your interviewer (at least one of mine was very explicit about ties). That being said, the usual interview attire for men is what I call "Aloha Formal:"

  • Dress slacks with belt
  • Shoes with socks
  • Aloha shirt tucked into pants

It's the tie. Ties are for politicians and other people you can't trust.

For "Aloha Casual"

  • Socks are optional
  • Aloha shirt on the outside of the pants

Caveat lector: if you are looking to me for fashion sense, you could be in deep, deep trouble :-)

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