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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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The absolute best thing about being an ICS student, is creating a program that not only works, but has no errors.  Knowing that you gave birth to these sets of letters, symbols, and numbers that actually provide a useful function is euphoric.  Another benefit to being in the UH ICS program are the opportunities to start your new career.  Not only is the education provided, but the job postings, career prep and networking exposure is an added benefit.  Finally, the ability to satisfy certain course requirements from a variety of campuses throughout the islands is a great advantage for someone that appreciates options.

Three positive aspects of the UH ICS program:

1. So far, all software has either been open-source or a free license has been provided.

2. Courses are career-oriented.

3. Approachable and accessible professors.

1. Learning from experienced staff members

2. Joining ACM and the special interest groups

3. Planning forward for the professional field with variety of classes, activities and tools, such as RadGrad

1. The coding club seems really good.

2. The first two homework assignments was to make a profile online so that recruiters can see what you've accomplished so far.

3. There are a lot of assignments, but they're very helpful in learning the topic.

1. Learning different computer languages.

2. Learning from different professors.

3. Meeting others with common interests.

What are three good things about being a UH ICS student?

1.  Little to no cost for textbooks and/or software.

2.  To be honest, I actually never made any friends in college until I became an ICS student.

3.  I love how most assignments can be completed online because sometimes I travel for work and I can continue working remotely.

1) Choosing from a wide variety of classes for your field of interest.

2) Meeting other ics students with similar interests and goals. Also working with them to accomplish your goals.

3) The different degree paths you can focus on. It's also really flexible if you want to double major.

1) There will always be something new to learn or improve upon.

2) There are many possibilities that can happen because there are so many ways to apply your skills.

3) You are surrounded by a community of people that share the same interest and can help when you are stuck.

1. The professors that I have so far taken are amazing and I hope to take more ICS courses in the future.

2. The courses being offered are mostly offered year-round allowing for more flexibility with course selection.

3. The material taught in courses is useful and relevant to the industry.

1. There's a bunch of internship or networking opportunities.

2. IC Space

3. Good amount of resources ranging from clubs to other students and faculty.

Though I do not know much about the ICS program since  am a junior in computer engineering, here are some things I found great about the department:

1. The ICS space in POST third floor is a great area for collaboration and fellowship, being open for students to work together. 

2. The professors and teaching assistants are all so friendly and helpful in helping students with their ICS classes.

3. The opportunity to obtain free licenses through the college, such as the MS Imagine accounts that were issued in this class, is also great for students.

  1.  Learn from certified professors who have worked in the industry for years.
  2.  Teaches you to effectively communicate to become a better group worker
  3.  Access to useful resources such as free software that would usually cost money.



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