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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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I think three good things about being an UH ICS student is that

1 - You get free Microsoft software.

2 - You meet many diverse people in Hawaii and in the program.

3 - You learn to see technology in ways for the community and Hawaii.

Three good things about being a UH ICS Student

1.  You start to learn how to learn the moment you start school as a first year college student.  

2.  Building long-lasting relationships with your professors, TAs, and especially your fellow students. 

3.  You learn a whole lot about what it takes to be a software developer in the general sense.

Three good things about being a UH ICS student. 

I have only bought one textbook as an ICS student. Most professors seem to use free, online resources to help with learning. 

ICS 314 is teaching about how to build a professional presence online, make a portfolio and participate in open source software. All of which I was attempting to learn about on my own before the class so learning it from a professor has made it seem less daunting. 

So far all of my professors and TAs were extremely accommodating and helpful to me, which is nice considering the amount of work we need to do for each class. 

1. The amount of assistance and resources available for additional help that is needed. After only taking 2 or 3 programming classes, I have utilized open labs, my classmates, instructors, and TAs more times than I can count, and can expect to utilize these resources for my future semesters as well. 

2. Being very welcoming to people that want to learn or want a brief introduction to the subject to see if it is something that they want to pursue. The introductory class is very lighthearted with the projects, and makes learning the syntax and theory a lot more fun than other introductory classes.

3. The opportunity to have certain specializations within the department. There are a diverse range of classes available that allow students to diversify into certain disciplines/specializations that seem interesting to them. 

1. The professors have experience under actual firms that they can relay to us ICS students that will be useful when we obtain a career. 

2. The various resource access we get under the program, this includes networking and software such as Office and various IDE's.

3. The extra curricular activities is also abundant providing rich experience and exposure to the types of careers we will one day go and pursue.  

1.The infinite potential and possible applications of ICS.

2.Making connections with fellow students that will be valuable even past graduation into our careers.

3.Clubs and facilities to better our programming skills and gain experience.

The opportunity of meeting professionals in the industry.

Creating a good atmosphere to immerse yourself with likeminded people and do work.

The GOAT Gerald. 

1. Learning a programming language formally and how to actually use data structures and algorithm to solve problems.

2. Mentor to help when you're stuck, asking online is nice, having someone explain to you in person is better.

3. Friend to work with. Working with a team is nice but nothing beat working with friends on a homework.

Three good things about being a UH ICS Student

  • Professor have actual experience from related fields.
  • All software needed for an ICS student  are free or provided by UH
  • There are a lot of network opportunities, for example, some classes incentives students to do hackathons or going to a networking meeting.

Three positives are:

1) See the methodology and strategies that ICS students use in problem solving (these may or may not be different from the approaches in the engineering department). This could help improve my own strategies of tackling difficult problems.

2) Experiencing programming languages that are not part of the core engineering courses (i.e. Java and JavaScript as opposed to C and C++). 

3) Learning industry standards and conventions as well as applying those skills to projects that can be displayed to future employers. 

Although I am a Computer Engineering major, three good things I have observed about being a student in the ICS program is:

1. The TA's are very helpful and want you to succeed in the class, even hosting weekly study sessions.

2. There is free access to Microsoft software which can be very expensive, especially for college students.

3. There is a big emphasis placed on students being able to work productively with a team.

  1. Professors that are passionate and experienced.
  2. Many ICS professors choose not to require a textbook.
  3. Many networking opportunities.



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