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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Being surrounded by competent like-minded individuals that makes even the most arduous semesters full of development and enjoyment.

2. Gaining knowledge and experiences to prepare myself for my future (hopeful) career.

3. Establish a base of networking connections through friends and mentors that I can carry on with me throughout my professional career. 

1. The professors in the ICS department seem to be very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the courses they're teaching.  When a professor is excited about their content, classes are something I look forward to rather than something I have to attend.

2. Based on what I've heard from previous students, not only are the professors enthusiastic about their teaching but they are also very passionate about helping you achieve your goals for post-graduation.

3. There is a variety of courses within the ICS department.  Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly growing fields, so it's nice that there are courses being offered in these areas of interest.

One of the good things about being an ICS student is that you have access to a lot of free or discounted software and hardware available to you to obtain and try out.  Secondly, as an ICS student here at UH Manoa campus, you get to meet and learn from top class professors from the ICS profession.  Finally, I believe that that best thing about being an ICS student is that you get to know a good percentage of the up and coming people (fellow students) who will be entering the tech world here in Hawaii in the next few years.  As such, you can begin to create a social network for your future in ICS.  

1) Programming is a very practical skill. Aside from using programming for classwork / career stuff, I can automate daily tasks if I input enough time into a problem

2) Clubs. There are many clubs related to ICS, where people can interact and acquire new skills.  You can go in knowing nothing, and people are very willing to help. Join GreyHats! 

3) Rewarding Work. ICS is all about solving problems of any size. Finding and implementing a solution to a problem is an accomplishment but also a very enjoyable process.

1) great professors that care about the students 

2) ICS lounge


3) community involvement after graduation: tech Hui, wetwarewednesday, etc. 

1. The professors in the UH ICS program are very helpful and knowledgeable in their subject and offer lots of help to the students.

2. ICS students are encouraged to work in teams and communicate to help build better problem solving and teamwork skills to prepare themselves for the force work.

3. The variety of classes available in the upper level ICS program make it easy to fine tune your skill set in order to aim for the jobs you want.

1)    The ability to develop and code programs extends beyond just computer science applications; it is a useful skill in many different fields and can be a lure when job hunting.

2)    The professors in the ICS department feel both knowledgeable and enthusiastic in regard to what they are teaching, which makes coming to class an all the more enjoyable experience.

3)    The ICS program pushes collaboration and team-based development, which are skills that can fall off with many computer scientists.

Three good things that the UH ICS program provides for students is:

1) the ICS lounge in the POST building which provides a space for computer science majors to meet and work in a nice environment.

2) The ICS program also provides information about possible job opportunities, scholarships, and internships.

3) The ICS program at UH has a great staff of professors and Teacher Assistants who are always there for extra help, clarification, and outside help on personal projects or backing of ICS related clubs. 

My experience with the ICS department is very limited, as a computer engineering major who's taken mostly EE-versions of the software classes. However, I will say this: the ICS department provides great opportunities for collaborative development, both in-class and outside through partnerships with hackathons and so forth. I'm hoping to have more good things to say about the ICS program as the semester goes on!

1.    I feel that the heavy focus on group work and collaboration contributes to the workflow in our future careers. Through these experiences, it allows us to be prepared for actual work where people rarely work alone.

2.    Another point I feel UH's ICS program does well is the advisors. As long as you have a plan set out (or maybe if you haven't really set one up fully yet), asking professors on how to approach the future will provide you with a solid foundation on traversing through college and in turn the careers.

3.    Lastly, the tools provided by the ICS program through Microsoft allows us to use software that definitely would be out of our means. Since these tools are likely to be used throughout our careers, it will prepare us and give us experience in using the software.

My three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students are as follows

  1. Computer have a very high chance to be in our lives forever, learning valuable technological skills will make us valuable assets no matter where in time we are. If technology advances, there is a good chance that it will build off of previous technology and thats where we learn and build upon our basics.
  2. Having instructors that are from the professional environment gives students real life experiences and information that can be a very important to learn before we are put out into the great big ocean of jobs.
  3. Once you learn how to squish a very irritating bug in your code, you feel very satisfied.

1) One good thing about being an ICS student is being tech savy. In this day and age, there is nowhere you can't go without running into a computer or the world wide web and to know how the machine works, how the insides of it work, how it communicates, is a special skill. You can be that guy that raises his hand when someone asks "Does anyone know how to fix this (computer) problem?".

2) Another thing is learning how to code projects that people in real life can use. From databases to yelp apps, there is no limit to how many apps or how far we can go with them. It just requires ingenuity and innovation.

3) last thing is the ICS faculty. They genuinely care about the success of the students before and even after graduation.



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