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... and given the discussions in the threads Silverlight on the Desktop and Flex vs. Silverlight, it looks like Sun is diving deep(er) into the rich Internet application fray. Talk about confusing!

This preview release of the JavaFX SDK piqued my interest, as a present project I am working on may use Java Web Start for deploying a small application that will live on the end-user's computers. After deployment, this application needs to run irrespective of Internet connection, and needs to run in a secure sandbox. I would like to be able to deploy updates with ease, and so Java Web Start sounded good.

But I read somewhere that with JavaFX, it will become possible to drag an Applet off of a web page and right on to the desktop.

Kinda makes you go, "Hmm..."

But given the penetration of Flex? Don't think I could ever go with Silverlight? Hmm...

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I think a lot of Java developers are asking themselves JavaFX or Flex? Flex has much better penetration, but JavaFX has a better VM (the JVM) and some other technical advantages like the ability to drag files to and from the desktop.
Cameron Souza said:
I think a lot of Java developers are asking themselves JavaFX or Flex? ...

You got it right there, Cameron...

While there are so many new technologies to keep up with today, we all only have a limited amount of time to expend on acquiring them. I've purposefully employed stuff like the Google Web Toolkit and have messed around with swf-generating OpenLaszlo, just to broaden my horizons, but I have it on good counsel to pursue Flex. This response is sort of veering off and repeating the discussion sparked in Stephen McMahon's Getting Started with Flex Development, but I suppose I am weighing that question as you say: JavaFX (still not ready for prime-time) or Flex (it's happening now).

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