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Rather than post this on the Linux group, I thought I would just post this here on General... this is hilarious and scary at the same time.

Top Ten Worst Uses for Windows.

I am working on a video-processing application in .Net to be used on the Japan Kibo (Hope) scientific module on the International Space Station. Amongst some of the interesting things I learned: data transmission are only downlink at present; no such thing as email in space; data downlink via geostationary relay satellite is only available for 45 minutes out of every 90 (just deal with it!); and yes, they do use Windows up there.

I do not believe Windows is used in any of the guidance, telemetry or environment-supporting systems on the ISS, thank God for that.

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> 10. Medical equipment

Scary! One of my jobs in Tokyo was cleaning up infected NT IIS servers that hadn't been updated by our customers. I never recovered.

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