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Hi everyone... this post may be a bit out of the ordinary for this board, but I'm curious if anyone in the Tech Hui community might know of an outfit in Oahu that does consumer electronics product development or prototyping. I know that's kind of a mouthful, but basically I'm looking for a shop that'll do some basic product design for a surf gadget.

Any posts that could steer me in the right direction would be fantastic. Thanks!

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I recommend you send a note to Pipeline Micro CEO Wayne Karo. He has investigated consumer electronics product development and prototyping, mostly in China.

You might also want to send a note to Labels That Talk CEO Ken Berkun.
Thanks Daniel... I'll be sure to send them a note.
I just stumbled on this note, sorry I didn't see it sooner. Check out They do rapid printing and I believe they can do 3D cad work for you as well (as a sideline from their main business). They did great work for me building a mock up of my device.

I don't know any industrial designers here, but I have a great one in California if you need a reference.

Thanks for the info Ken! I may ask you a couple of follow up questions in the future as this thing rolls forward, if that's alright with you. I'm still trying to nail down a few conceptual issues first.

Thanks again!
No problem, glad to help, contact me anytime.


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