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Sorry for being long winded. I guess a good starting point for this group would be to find out what databases people are using. I currently use Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases at work. In the past I have used Oracle and DB2. I am hoping in the near future, we will be moving to the Oracle platform at work also. We went through a software selection process and we are close to getting Oracle's E-Business suite for CRM, manufacturing, Accounting, HR, BI and most everything else in the package.

MySQL is a favorite because it is Open Source and there are many Open Source packages that use it for a back end such as the Intrusion detection system Snort. I like Oracle too, I used it predominantly at my previous job. At the time it was Oracle 9i.

I like Oracle because of the vast array of features such as InterMedia which is now called Oracle Multimedia that is available in the enterprise products. You can do some pretty cool things with images such as converting image formats and sizes. I currently have 10g installed on a personal server for my personal projects, even though the strength of 10g and 11g are the grid capabilities, I am currently not using the grid feature, The one thing I would really like to check out in 11g is the lock box. Is anyone out there using 11g and the lockbox feature?

I know there are other databases out there such as PostgreSQL, Firebird and Ingres has also been moved to Open Source. Also we can't overlook DB2 from IBM, that I have previously used. Then there are the multivalue based databases like Pick. So what are you using?

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We use Oracle as our default commercial DB for non-Microsoft projects. We standardized on Postgres as our open source DB. On the Microsoft side we of course use SQL Server. The choices of Postgres and SQL Server are largely because those are the skills we have in our small team. I also feel like I can trust Postgres more than MySQL for serious projects because it has been transactional for much longer, but that might not be entirely sound reasoning :-) I am by no means an expert in this area. We rely on Tim and Sasaki-san for our DB work.
Right now I use PostgreSQL exclusively but given MySQLs increasing popularity, use in most RoR projects I've seen and support on Amazon EC2 I might switch.
Microsoft SQL is my database of choice. My reasons are as follows:

1) Stored procedures
2) Triggers
3) Supports nested queries

It's likely that other databases have added these features but I've gotten used to having them since sql 7. Hope this helps.



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